Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Long Hard Look At An Event, The Latham-Howard Handshake: Essay 4 of Philosophy of History For The Time Being

The fourth essay of Philosophy of History For The Time Being examines a single event to show how wonderfully ambiguous a thing an event can be. It chooses it's example carefully - an event that's very stale news (if you follow Australian politics - otherwise it would never have been news), an event whose identity is maybe almost fixed now as far as definitive history is concerned, but an event that is of such monumental banality that it's a matter of great wonder that it has not disappeared altogether from historical recollection: it's the famous handshake between Mark Latham (Leader of the Opposition) and John Howard (Prime Minister).
Essay 4. A Long Hard Look at an Event, The Latham-Howard Handshake

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